Nestlé Free Zone

The Ecocentre is a Nestlé-free zone as we observe the Nestlé boycott. Nestlé is the target of a boycott because it contributes to the unnecessary death and suffering of infants around the world by aggressively marketing baby foods in breach of international marketing standards. Please don’t bring any Nestlé products to the Ecocentre.


Pet Cemetery

So can anyone help us to work out which animals these were? We discovered their gravestones in one of the flowerbeds at the side of Blackerton House during our November 2014 Volunteer Day. Here are some of the stones (we’ll update with further information as we have it):

Brampton Maid Bella 1913

brampton bella

It looks like Brampton Maid Bella may have been a greyhound born in 1902.bramptonmaid
 topsyTopsy 1905 – 1920
 Bramton Damozel 1912


Brampton Damozel was also a greyhound, daughter of Brampton Maid.bramptondam


 Little Elfrida


Dear Scotdearscot


Volunteer Day Saturday 22nd November

Today was the first ever Volunteer Day and we had a list of indoor & outdoor tasks to achieve. After days of rain we were blessed with a blue sky which lasted almost all day & allowed us to get on with a huge amount of clearing shrubs and trees, clearing wooden walkways and having a general tidy. Thanks so much to our volunteers, the Whitfield family, who we look forward to welcoming regularly and the Hailes who travelled all the way from London to join us for the day (and would be equally welcome again, maybe for a stay rather than daytrip!) It’s hard to say what the best part of the day was – getting the front bed finally cleared, discovering two sets of steps in the side garden up to the lawned area (many thanks to Jonathan who uncovered one set entirely by himself) or the exciting discover of what seem to be animal gravestones in a flower bed.

Here are some of the before & after pictures to show you what we achieved:

Fancy coming along to join us? We’ll have our other Volunteer Day dates set very soon & we’re always happy with visits on other days too. We love being outdoors but there’s also plenty to do inside when the weather is against us.

The Start of the Journey

blackdriveIt’s true that we fell in love with Blackerton as soon as we arrived on site (we love the long drive pictured here with trees to each side) but we were slightly daunted by the number of rooms (79 across two buildings) and the work that we’d need to do, internally and externally. We hope to have lots of ‘after’ pictures to post soon but, for now, here’s a selection of photos from our first and second viewings of the site in May 2014: